Sports Fitness is often associated with regular sports like running or even cycling. Skating, on the contrary, is definitely not the first activity that comes to your mind where getting in shape is concerned. It’s associated more with popular culture and fun. You’ll be surprised to find out that along with the fun quotient, roller skating can also be an effective sport to lose weight and get your fitness level up. What can be better than working out and having fun simultaneously?

Here is a list of some amazing health benefits of roller skating!

Burn Calories – That’s how you roll!

While you’re gliding away on your skates, you probably don’t realise how many calories you’re burning because you’re distracted by the immense amount of fun you’re having.

On an average, rollerblading and running burns about the same amount of calories per hour. It gets your heart to pump harder, works up a sweat and if you skate regularly and follow a healthy diet, you’ll soon see the fat melt away.

.roller skating

Builds Muscles – They see you rollin’, they hatin’!

The side-to-side movement that is required for Rollerblading results in a better muscle building workout when compared to running. This natural movement incorporates nearly every lower body muscle group, including the inner thigh and the glute muscles.

You can also strengthen the hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles by alternating between forward and backwards skating. Swinging your arms during the skating motion also strengthens the arms and core.

Rollerblading for about 20 to 30 minutes per day can strengthen these muscle groups and the surrounding joints, ligaments and tendons.

roller skating

Joint Impact –

Running and walking can wreck havoc on the joints, especially the knees as you grow old. Roller skating is a low impact sport. By eliminating the foot strike on every stride, rollerblading is safer on your joints.

According to the University of Massachusetts, rollerblading provides about 50 percent less impact on the joints when compared to running.

Aerobic Benefits – Like a rolling stone!

With the ability to coast with the wheels on Rollerblades, the aerobic benefits from skating aren’t quite as good as running. However, skating is still a better aerobic workout than cycling.

Roller Skating makes you Happy – Let the good times roll!

There are obvious physical health benefits of roller skating, but there are some mental benefits as well. Roller skating reduces bad hormones and while it does this, it increases the good endorphins, which are commonly known as the ‘happy hormones’. Roller skating clears the mind, minimises mild form of depression and just makes you happy.

roller skating

Safety – Just keep rolling!

It’s a myth that Roller Skating is not safe. Roller skating is safer than a lot of other sports we play regularly. As per the study by Consumer Product Safety Commission, Skating is 5x safer than cycling, 4x safer than basketball and 3x safer than football. Don’t let the myth deter you.

We recommend you to use correct safety gear while you practice the sport.

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