“You’re entering into an Untamed Space, 3 Weeks in Wildlife.”

We want to illuminate your stories and photographs of Wildlife.

Tell us a visual story of your experiences in the wild and you will be featured on the Decathlon Blog along with standing a chance to win “Technical Wildlife Binoculars!”

How to Participate


– Select your favourite photograph of Wildlife and send it to us at amarabati.sen@decathlon.com
( You can submit several photographs in one story)

– All photos must have complete information attached, including their subjects, dates, location, species, your story etc.

Note – Not providing full information may disqualify your entry.


(You must enter each of your entry in one of the following categories.)


1. Wildlife Animals (In their natural habitats)

2. Other Wildlife Environments (underwater life, reptiles, insects, and more).

3. Birds (In all habitats)

4. Landscapes and Plants – Scenic views and native plants in wild settings.

5. People in Nature – People enjoying the outdoors or connecting with nature and wildlife.

6. City/Town Habitats – Wild creatures, native plants and natural settings in the city, in your backyards etc.


 Send in your entry with the subject line “Picture Story Contest – Call of the Wild <category name>.”

Eligibility – Open to All




Made for observation of animals and nature in any weather, even in low-light conditions.

Waterproof binoculars, easy to use thanks to central focus control knob.


Deadline for Submission – 10th September


– The content must be original, innovative and credible.

– Images are mandatory since it’s essentially a picture story contest.

– The body of the article should have a minimum of 100 words and be free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors including your picture subjects, dates, location, species, story etc.

– One can send unlimited entries. The best piece will be considered.

–  Articles sent after the deadline will not be accepted.

– Decathlon Sports India reserves the right to modify the rules at any point of the contest.

– Decathlon Sports India reserves the right to use your Submissions in all communications internal or external.

Deadline for Submission – 10th September

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