On beginning fishing for the first time, I discovered it was a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and acquaintances while also learning new skills.

fishing experience


Hi, my name is Mayank Varma and I started practicing fishing when I started working with Decathlon. While in conversation with customers about different aspects of fishing and equipment, the passion inside me began to grow. I was very eager and excited to try the sport. This entire time frame that I’ve been practicing fishing, it has changed my mindset. Now I believe in being more with less.
Fishing is a part of nature and I decided to go with nature. I was younger so I travelled to do angling in different parts of the country, in the North as well as the North-East. While I knew all work and no play wasn’t the way, for the longest time I would still perceive work as a mundane affair. Now, it’s a completely different experience to work and play at the same time.


A suggestive guide to help you begin Fishing.


UFish Sea 350 is designed for beginning float fishing from the shore and bottom fishing at sea.

The UFISH set is delivered ready to fish. To make things easier, just rig the line and get to the water. The reel is equipped with 225m of 28.5/100 line.

If you enjoy float fishing and whip fishing, Essential Predator 350 is made for learning float and whip fishing for freshwater predatory fish.

– It is a versatile set that enables you to cast rigs weighing up to 100g.
– Has good casting weight and sturdiness for most freshwater fish.

My experience Using Caperlan Fishing rods has always been amazing and I am always attracted to try different rods with different skills.

Make fishing possible.

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