All good players will tell you that golf is firstly a sport about feel and repeated practice. On the one hand, the feel of a natural swing and on the other, millimetre accuracy that comes from relentless practice.

Because repetition isn’t a pleasant and fun exercise, we suggest you practise all aspects of your game thanks to 4 challenges with other players. Get a hold of your playing partners and head off to the driving range and its surroundings!

Don’t forget to stretch properly and do hit a few warm up balls before practising.


It’s well known by golfers that the Driver is the club you can have the most fun with and one of the club’s that takes the longest to master.

To practice playing with it and let off steam, equip yourself with a driver and a ball basket.

Game: One after the other, players will drive from their driving range bay. The one hitting the furthest distance whilst remaining within a width pre-agreed by players, scores 1 point.

Play 10 balls each to rank yourselves by the score.



Irons are used to hitting medium to long distance shots, which requires the golfer to play with power and precision.
Grab hold of your 6 or 7-iron and go to the driving range.

Game: Select a driving range target at a distance that all players can reach without having to force it, with the same club. The winner is the one who pitches it (pitch is the point of impact of the ball on the turf) the closest to the target.
The first player to reach 10 points wins this second round.



Now that you’ve hit several full swings, let’s further improve accuracy. An accurate approach shot will put you in an ideal position to putt and enable you to save precious strokes on the course.
The approach competition will take place on the practice green or on the driving range. To your wedges, let’s get started!

Game: A player chooses a hole or a target ten or so metres from their ball. The player that places their ball the closest to the hole or target wins the round and scores a point.
The first to reach 10 points wins the third round.



With over 40% of shots played on a course, putting is the golfer’s most precise shot. A good reason to practise it!

The putting competition will take place on the practice putting green.

Game: The players select a hole and a starting position to putt from. If the player putts it in one, he scores a point. Otherwise, he picks up his ball and moves on to the following hole. If two players hit their putts, they each score 0.5 points. If all players score their putts, nobody scores points.
The player having scored the putt at the previous hole, choose the next hole and starts playing. The winner is the player having scored the most points at the end of the circuit.

Feel free to spice up the exercises by increasing the level of difficulty! It’s important to practise most aspects of your game whilst having some fun with friends.

Go get your clubs!

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