When Winters arrive, most people want to stay hidden in their cosy blankets and even the thought of engaging in kind of physical activity is simply out of the question.

Isn’t it ironical that we all want to live the extraordinary life while still living in the comfort everyone else (read ordinary) enjoys?

But there is a crazy breed of people, courageous enough to part ways from the warm and welcoming bed in the morning and head out in the chilly winds for a workout session.

Hi, my name is Bhanu Seth, a 24-year-old guy from Delhi and this is my travelogue.

My Bike

I am working for 6 days a week, and have the luxury of sleeping late only once a week. But a question to be asked is will that few extra hours of sleep give me happiness? Many of us, belonging to the working middle class are stuck up in their 9-5 routines and after a while, this office life starts taking a toll on the mental happiness of everyone. Life becomes somewhat monotonous and the zeal to be happy is diminished.

I could not succumb to this life, but like everyone else, I too was stuck up in this 9-5 regime. I decided if I could wake up 6 days a week for office, I surely could do one day more for myself. And that my friends have made all the difference.

I bought a Btwin My Bike in April 2016 and since then my every Sunday morning is exactly the same and yet very different.
Accustomed to travelling by metro or by car, I had forgotten how beautiful Delhi was. The goal was always to reach the destination on time. Riding a cycle changed this thing for me. I now started to pay more attention to the journey than on my destination.

My Bike

All my office tension, all worries vanished for those 3 hours that I cycled through the city on cool Sunday mornings. Same places seemed new once I travelled with the city rather than through it and believe me there is nothing better than exploring the city on two wheels.

The feeling cannot be explained in words, but just imagine taking a turn at the roundabout and the pigeons briskly start to fly across and then for one second you see them fly around you in unison! For that moment when you are in sync with the environment, that feeling is ethereal which cannot be experienced on any other mode of transport.

My Bike

Many people boast about the parties they have attended, the concerts they’ve listened to, but how often do you hear someone say they have spent a Sunday morning cycling through Rajpath, or sitting quietly in a serene corner of Jantar Mantar, or paddling through the narrow lanes of Chandni chowk?

My Bike

This is usually how my regular Sunday mornings go. These are the moments for which I work 6 days a week and then rejoice every moment of it.

And benefits- For starters cycling provides a full body workout. It keeps you fit and active. It improves your stamina and core strength. And secondly, it alleviates any kind of mental tension that a person might be experiencing. Slowly you start building up your strength and travel a little farther with every ride this gives you a sense of accomplishment.

My Bike

Through this blog post, I would like to encourage people to join this growing community of city riders, to come and join us. It is a beautiful feeling experiencing the city while most of the city is still sleeping.

Btwin My Bike has been my constant companion through my journeys and since the winters have arrived, the challenge and hence the fun of riding a cycle has doubled. The chill you feel on your face while coming down fast from a flyover, oh you got to experience it to know it!

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This article is written by Bhanu Seth!

(‘Amateur’ and ‘hobbyist’ I think these two words define me perfectly. I believe we have only one life to live so why not live everything at once.
My Interests include photography, music, writing, travelling, cycling, adventure sports- i do all these stuff for a living. Once a week.
And yeah for paying the bills, I work as a research engineer in automotive industry for the remaining six days.)