An elastic strap is a positionable supporting bandage that stretches only along its length and can adapt to all areas of the body. It comes in different sizes (3cm, 6cm or 8cm wide).It allows you to strap up joints and/or muscles, or in other words, create a more or less flexible bandage which may be adhesive, made from a criss-cross arrangement of strips.

This customised interweaving arrangement is created in a precise way, so as to limit dangerous movements for muscles and joints through a compression level that varies with the way it’s positioned.

Depending on its particular type, a support bandage can be elastic and/or reusable and/or rigid while always combining compression, support for the joint and freedom of movement.

Recommendations for positioning the support bandage (or strapping)

Before providing a few tips to help you choose your support bandage, we should point out that the action of the bandage depends on how it’s applied. We recommend you have the bandage put in place by a health professional. Furthermore, it’s important to apply the support bandage to a healthy, clean and unbroken skin, and never to place it under high muscle tension, that is to say, by squeezing it too hard.

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Choosing the right support bandage if you’re looking for localised support

There are short-use bandages, rigid or flexible, that support your joint or muscle (depending on where you position it) for all activities. Support is provided to a specific point: compression is more localised. We recommend Aptonia Tapping bandages (rigid bandage) and Strapping (flexible bandage).

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Choose the right support bandage if you want to stretch your muscle

Ideally, you should choose a flexible elastic bandage that will allow you to stretch your muscle locally. In order to reduce muscle pain, this type of bandage will strengthen your ligaments.

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How to choose the right support bandage if you want a support that doesn’t stick to your skin that’s reusable

Some elastic support bandages are reusable and repositionable to suit your requirements. Either they consist of a rip-tab (such as the Modular Aptonia strap which is also machine-washable), or they are made of a self-adhesive material, i.e they attach to and detach from themselves (such as the Cohesive Aptonia strap). In both cases, the elastic material of these bandages does not stick to your skin and thereby prevents irritation. These bandages are ideal for sensitive skin and when you want to keep them on for a while.

Choosing the right support bandage if you’re looking for a high degree of support

There are non-elastic bandages that are pre-stretched and extended to the maximum. This type of strapping is mainly used on joints. We recommend the Tapping Aptonia strap.

Support bandage

This information is provided for general information purposes only and in no case replaces a medical consultation. For increased safety, seek your doctor’s advice before use.

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