You’ve experienced the pleasures of underwater exploration and now want to get your own snorkelling gear? Subea gives you a few tips for choosing your snorkelling set!

A snorkelling set (fins-mask-snorkel) is an excellent solution for beginners as well as for experienced snorkelers looking to replace ageing gear. Snorkelling sets contain the three essential items for the sport:

A mask so that you can see underwater

A snorkel for breathing and

Fins for moving around easily.

Subea snorkelling sets are easy to buy and transport, but without a “one size fits all” approach. There’s a snorkelling set for every type of snorkeler!


When choosing your snorkelling set, you have several choices :

the fins-mask-snorkel set

the mask-snorkel set

– the Easybreath-fins set, our innovation for 2017.

These sets include different products according to your skill level and intended usage. To help you decide on your future snorkelling set, Subea guides you through the differences between the products.



Innovation designed by the Subea team, it’s a surface-only mask, but with a built-in snorkel.

This mask stands out from the rest thanks to its shape and functionalities; with this mask, you breathe through your mouth “and” nose. What’s more, the mask has a large field of vision and an anti-fogging system. And all this without ever losing your snorkel, since it’s built into the mask! These strengths are very popular with children (over the age of 10!) and beginners put off by snorkels. Everything becomes easier when you give it a try and are able to breathe just as easily as when you’re on the surface!

There’s just one limit – you can’t dive with an Easybreath mask. Hence the benefit, after a while, of stepping up to a standard diving mask if you want to submerge!

As an innovation for 2017, Subea offers a snorkelling set with an Easybreath mask and small fins. An ideal set for people who enjoy swimming on the surface!

snorkelling set


Diving masks are equally suitable for snorkelling, scuba diving and recreational freediving.

Choose your snorkelling mask for comfort and a snug fit that will keep out the water. For snorkelling, Subea recommends single lens masks for a wide field of vision when snorkelling. Some have a fabric strap so that you can put it on easily without watching in your hair, and others have a silicone strap to help keep the mask in place better.

snorkelling set


Above all, choose a comfortable snorkel! A snorkel enables you to breathe when your face is just under the surface of the water. It will make it easier for you to observe sea life as you swim on the surface. With a snorkel, no need to regularly lift your head for a breath of fresh air! Depending on the type of snorkelling, each feature of your snorkel matters and there are different types of snorkels.

They are “classical” snorkels equipped with a valve at mouth level for easier water clearing after a short dive and snorkels with a deflector (or water trap) that will keep you from getting a mouthful of water in case of small waves.

Our Subea snorkels are brightly coloured in order to make you visible and easy to spot on the surface by various watercraft.

snorkelling set


Colours, flexibility, material and shape will all impact your choice of diving fins.

For snorkelling, light and flexible fins are the best. Other more rigid and solid fins are stronger and more versatile and enable you to move towards a more intensive or even diversified activity. The fin blades vary depending on the model: the longer and more rigid your fins, the more powerful they’ll be, but while requiring more effort from you! Subea snorkelling fins are only full-foot and non-adjustable fins.

snorkelling set


Some snorkelling sets including a fins-mask-snorkel set, and a mask-snorkel set have also been specially designed for your children. There’s one main difference between the sets: the snorkel!

Indeed, its size and volume have been designed to suit a child’s breathing. Finally, these sets have small flexible fins that guarantee minimum power while finning. This makes them ideal for children! The Easybreath-fins set is perfectly suitable for children, but don’t forget this mask is only designed for young snorkelers over 10 years old!

A set including a mask, a “classical” snorkel and small flexible fins. All arranged in a mesh bag for easy transport. Ideal for a snorkelling excursion!

snorkelling set


We stick to a simple rule: all diving equipment requires maintenance!

For a long-lasting snorkelling set, remember to do the following things :

– Rinse with clean water after each snorkelling excursion.

– Dry in the shade.

– Put away in a cool, dark and dry place.snorkelling set

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