The knee is a complex joint that supports the weight of the body. The bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage that make up the knee produce a flexible movement while maintaining the cohesion of the joint. It is important to take good care of your knees which are heavily used and is necessary during your athletic activities.

What is a Knee Brace?

A knee brace is a protective equipment designed to support and protect your knee. Along with its level of compression, a good knee brace should be comfortable. Try to choose those made of a perspiration wicking knit such as the Aptonia knee braces are.

Next, to choose the right knee brace, you should be aware of the use that you intend to make of it; that is, the type of activity and the density of support that you need. Before making your choice, we also recommend the consultation of a doctor.

Knee brace

Preventative (or proprioceptive) Knee Braces

Playing a preventative role, proprioceptive knee braces are designed to provide compression on your knee in order to properly support the joint. This compression stimulates the knee so that your brain is more alert. This therapeutic effect is perfect for returning to your sport.

For this kind of compression, we recommend the SOFT100 and SOFT300 Aptonia knee braces.

Flexible Knee Braces

Playing a truly stabilising role, flexible knee braces are designed to support and guide the proper movement of the joint. This type of knee brace is generally composed of elastic bands for adjusting the support. The side reinforcement bars are made of flexible metal and a silicone kneecap ring that stabilises the kneecap. These accessories reinforce your knee for an optimal orientation when you have a weakened joint.

To get this kind of a compression and reduce impacts and vibrations on the knee, we recommend the Aptonia MID500 knee brace.

Stiff Knee Braces

Playing a truly guiding role, stiff knee braces are designed to limit excessive and damaging movements for your joint. The stiff metal accessories limit the mobility of the knee and assist the structure of the joint so that it only carries out one mechanical, guided movement. This type of knee brace strengthens or helps when recovering from injuries.

To guide your knee, we recommend the Aptonia STRONG700 knee brace.

Knee Brace

How to choose the right size knee brace

It is important to choose the proper size of your knee brace so that it doesn’t slip and it supports your knee well. To do so, use a tape measure and stretch it out on your leg 8 cm above the kneecap (lower thigh) and take the circumference. Measurements are included between:

36 – 39 cm: choose size 1
39 – 43 cm: choose size 2
43 – 47 cm: choose size

Watch the video for better understanding!

This information is provided for information purposes only and in no case replace a medical consultation. For increased safety, seek your doctor’s advice before use.

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