While choosing your boxing gloves, take into consideration criteria such as your weight and level of boxing.


The glove size is given in OZ (which is the abbreviation for “ounce”, a British unit of measure commonly used worldwide for boxing gloves).

The “oz” represents the weight of the glove (and therefore its level of protection) and corresponds to the boxer’s weight.

Weight of glove: Your weight

– 6 oz< 45 kg

– 8 oz 45 to 65 kg

– 10 oz 65 to 78 kg

– 12 oz 78 to 90 kg

– 14 oz more than 90 kg

– 16 oz > 90 kg for even greater protection.

boxing gloves


– A novice boxer will need a comfortable glove with good ventilation.

– A regular boxer will need a glove that is wear-resistant

– A competitive boxer will need a leather glove for its excellent durability and protection

Advice: Use boxing hand wraps (or mitts) to absorb perspiration and extend the lifespan of the gloves.

boxing gloves

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