The ball is the primary object of a basketball game. Basketball is usually played both indoors and outdoors. Whatever your level, it will allow you to dribble, shoot, practice individually and play matches with others. When buying basketball equipment, there are three main things to look at. The size of the ball differs with age and sex. It should thus be adapted accordingly. Another factor to consider is whether you’re picking out a ball to play indoors or outdoors.

Choose according to your age and sex

The right size for different ages and sexes are broken down here.

Aged 3 and over: size 1
4 to 6 years: size 3
7 to 12 year: size 5

Women aged 12 and over: size 6

Men aged 12 and over: size 7

These sizes are defined by *FIBA (International Basketball Federation) regulations.

Basketball Ball

Where are you playing?


There are specific indoor balls which are designed for a court with flooring of different kinds (parquet, synthetic flooring, etc…).

Basketball Ball


Outdoor balls are designed for outdoor courts (patios, playgrounds, etc.) on abrasive surfaces (asphalt, concrete, etc…).

Basketball Ball

This guide should help you pick out the right ball which suits you perfectly so that you can look forward to a fantastic game.

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