When it comes to choosing products for your sport, you might sometimes feel a little lost as to what suits your needs best. Have you often felt the same while choosing Badminton Rackets? We have created a guide, accessible to all, to help you answer the recurring question: how to choose your badminton racket?

Determine your Frequency of Play

Similar to most sports, you must choose your equipment not just according to your level but also your frequency of play. Are you a casual, regular or an intensive player?

– The casual player plays 1 to 10 times a year;
– The regular player plays between once a month and twice a week;
– The intensive player plays more than twice a week.

Taking stock of your gaming frequency will allow you to focus on the right product range.

badminton racket


Characteristics of a Racket

Now let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of a racket. There are three that are essential in choosing your racket: balance, flexibility and weight.

But what exactly are these criteria? (The order does not matter)

The Balance

The equilibrium corresponds to the distribution of the weight on the racket, which will affect its manoeuvrability. This criterion is decisive in the choice of your badminton racket depending on your type of game (attacker, versatile, defender). Three balances exist:

So rather power, manoeuvrability or versatility?

Badminton Racket


The stiffness corresponds to the ability of the racquet to deform at impact. The stiffer your racket, the less it deforms. There are also three degrees of flexibility:






Compromise between power, precision and control.



DisadvantagesLess accuracy

Less control

Less Powe

There are also extra-rigid racquets. They are rare on the market because they are very experienced players and are ideal for gaining more precision.

The Weight

The weight corresponds to the total mass of the racket. It is measured in grams. The heavier your racket, the stronger it is. The mass will lead to greater inertia.






Compromise between power and maneuverabilityPower

Less Power

Less maneuverability

You’ll understand that choosing a racquet can be complicated. To help you, even more, we offer you a chart summarising your needs according to your style and frequency of play. You can then choose your badminton racket with more simplicity.

Summary table
Defender (S)Multipurpose (V)Forward (P)Type of racquet

Prefer resistance and tolerance


RegularFocus on maneuverability

– Balance in handle
– Soft rod
– Max isometric head

Prefer Versatility

– Neutral balance
– Medium rod
– Isometric head

Privilege power

– Balance in head
– Extra rigid rod
– Isometric head

Weight: between 83g and 90g.
IntensiveFocus on maneuverability

– Balance in handle
– Neutral rod
– Classic head

Prefer Versatility

– Neutral balance
– Rigid stem
– Classic head

Privilege power

– Balance in head
– Extra rigid rod
– Classic head

Weight: between 89g and 94g

Here! You have all the technical information to ideally choose your badminton racket. Do not hesitate to test your equipment before buying it because beyond the technique, the sensations from a racket remain the element essential to your pleasure on the ground. Did you make your choice?Now,  it’s time to get into physical training.

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