Water sports accessories are important tools to make aquatic sports more rewarding.

The latter provide a significant amount of intensity and enable you to increase the intensity of movements and their effectiveness on the body, amongst other things. Water sports accessories can also help to vary exercises and make them more fun to avoid routine.

There are plenty of water sports accessories available! This article will help you discover the different accessories that are useful for your favourite water sport!


They have two main functions;

– To increase resistance in the water:

These accessories increase your body’s water intake during exercise. As a result, resistance in the water increases as the accessories limit this movement. This will make the muscles in your body work even harder. To increase resistance, water sports accessories can be filled with water or even be in the form of weights.

The more force in the water, the more you work!

– The second action has a direct impact on buoyancy:

Certain water sports accessories increase buoyancy in the water. The most obvious example is the Noodle!

The latter helps you float better, to be more stable, and facilitates all possible core muscle exercises in the water. Buoyancy is very important in water sports to work on muscle strengthening and to improve your positioning.

Certain accessories fulfil these two functions and it is definitely the case for our beloved noodle. Placing it under your armpits allow you to float better. It can also be used for resistance by pushing it against the water.

aquagym accessories


Each water sport is based on the use of very different accessories. There are two categories of accessories:

– Small, accessible and easily portable accessories.
– Large equipment, for a more enhanced muscle workout

Each accessory aims to intensify the session and to enhance the muscle workout.

Let’s zoom in on the most effective accessories in accordance to your sport;

“I want an accessory that will help me work on both my upper and lower body”

Ladies, the noodle is the most commonly used accessory in water sports.

The noodle is used for aqua boxing as well as for aqua yoga! It is a long foam cylinder that helps to increase resistance when it is immersed in water. This type of accessory helps to work on the upper body (arms, back, triceps, etc.).

It also helps you float better when it is placed under the armpits. This positioning will help to work on core muscles, abs and legs.

The noodle is an essential tool for many exercises to work on the whole of your body.

aquagym accessories

“I want to strengthen my arms and tone my upper body”

Dumbbells are used in aquafitness and aqua aerobics. They are either made of foam or floating PVC.

This accessory helps to increase resistance during exercise to make it more difficult. Dumbbells are available in different shapes. However, they all have the same purpose: To give you firm and well-shaped arms!

aquagym accessories

Webbed gloves are also accessories that are often used in several water sports such as aqua fitness, aqua aerobics and even aqua biking.

aquagym accessories

This equipment increases speed and propulsion from your arms in the water. Ideal for working on your thrust, they will help to strengthen the upper body in an optimal way. Ease of use and the ability to be combined with other equipment are some of the benefits that this accessory has to offer. For example, in aqua biking, you can also pedal using the webbed gloves.

aquagym accessories

 “I want to slim down my legs”

Ballast weights have been designed for use in aquafitness and aqua aerobics.

Generally made from neoprene (soft and comfortable material), they are clipped around the ankles. Weights (from 0.5 to 5 kg) increase resistance which help you to work on your lower body, depending on your level.

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Fins, which are also used quite often, help you to improve propulsion in the water and are ideal for strengthening the lower body. The shorter the blade of the fin, the more you will tone your legs and buttocks.

This accessory is essential for aqua finning.

“I want to strengthen my lumbar muscles and have a real six-pack”

For this type of result, the buoyancy belt will be your best partner!

It is used in aquafitness and aqua aerobics classes in deep water or during aqua jogging. It features several foam floats and attaches to your waist. This enables you to be stable in order to work on your abs in particular.

aquagym accessories

Finally, to practise aqua biking or aqua stand up, it is essential to be equipped with larger equipment such as a bike or an aqua stand up board.

aquagym accessories

By now, you are an expert on the topic! All that’s left is for you to do is choose your accessory depending on your sport and needs, then jump into the water!

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