While Kayaking or even stand up paddling, it can get difficult to carry your essentials, especially your phone and keep it completely protected from water. You will require a watertight container or bag to make sure you practice your sport in ease. Here are a few tips to choose your watertight container, bag or pouch for stand up paddling or kayaking.


To protect your electronic devices, use a watertight pouch that you can slip into the bag or container with your other belongings.

watertight bags


If you are looking for lightweight and easy-to-carry protection, choose a watertight bag.

Perfect when kayaking, stand-up paddling or light sailing.

This watertight duffel bag protects your belongings from splashes and brief immersion.

This watertight duffel bag comes in different colours and sizes from 5 to 60 litres.

watertight bags


The watertight container can withstand brief immersion in water or very heavy rain.

Lets you keep your personal belongings dry.

If you are looking to protect your belongings from water and impacts, choose a container.

Moreover, its grips help you to fasten it securely.

It is available in several sizes from 4 to 30 litres.

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