When you have kids, a lot of things regarding your lifestyle have to change because now other than thinking for yourself, you are making decisions for a few more people. You love hiking, right? There is no need to keep away your hiking gear then because it is an activity you can use to have quality family time as well as get your children to exercise and explore what nature has to offer. Kids of different ages enjoy different activities so it is important that you plan properly so that hiking experiences are something they always look forward to.

Planning the hike

Adults can go on an impromptu hike and be alright with it, but kids, on the other hand, need intense preparation before setting out. You first need to condition your mind to the fact this hike will not be like the others where you took your buddies. The speed with which you walk with will have to be much slower and that means you will need more time or shorter terrains. To make the walk less strenuous for them, kids walking boots that are light weight and water resistant will make the exercise comfortable. When you decide to bring your kids along for a hike, you must be prepared to put their needs before your own.

It must be quite enjoyable taking the hard terrain full of rocks and mushy waters but that is not an experience you want to have when your kids are with you. If you are not sure of the path that your kids would learn from the most while still having fun, invite a friend to tag along to direct you. The idea is to pick a terrain that your kids can navigate easily with as little help from you as possible.

If your kids are small, a daytime hike would be most appropriate because it offers them numerous opportunities for seeing new things. You need to appreciate the fact that kids are clumsier than you are and they may soil their clothes more or even fall in the water. You can start with short hikes and increase the duration as time goes by depending on how well your kids respond to it. How do you make sure they like it?

hiking with kids


Pack for the Hike

Apart from warm clothing, a camera to capture epic moments and large volumes of water, you must remember that kids have a shorter attention span than adults do. Packing a lot of assorted snacks is the only way of keeping kids interested in pushing their limits. You can also bring a magnifying glass so that rest stops can be used as periods of closely scanning tiny creatures on the trail. By instilling in your kids a sense of adventure and exploration, it becomes easier to cover large areas and have fun at the same time.

As children get older, they prefer to spend most of their time with friends rather than family members. Consider inviting your kid’s friend along for a hike so that the experience for your child is easier to relate with. Want to ignite a hiking desire in your child? Kids hiking boots are a great birthday present option that can encourage your kids to start exploring some hiking routes.

hiking with kids

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