After being in India for more than 10 years we’ve come to a conclusion that some things really go well together. A game of football on a rainy day. Gully cricket on Sunday afternoons. Or Mumbai’s thriving sporting culture having a Decathlon Store.

A city that has produced icons like Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar is bound to have an association with sports that can be traced way back into history. The rulers of Maharashtra were known for actively practising horse-riding, archery, wrestling, fencing etc. This, however, doesn’t come as much of a surprise since we share that history across the country. But what is striking is that Mumbai still holds on to some of its sportive traditions, e.g a full-fledged horse-racing season every winter. Sports has always been an important part of the culture of Maharashtra with Kabaddi, Hockey, Kho kho, Badminton, Cricket and Table Tennis being very popular. Cricket, for obvious reasons, is widely followed and played across Mumbai similar to Football and even American Football.

Mumbai is always active when it comes to sports, the city that hosts “the greatest race in the world,” the Mumbai Marathon and many other similar events are some big inspirations for us to open our Second Store at the R-City Mall in Ghatkopar. With Mumbai being a melting pot of several communities and cultures, it has emerged as the financial and commercial capital of India. The varied population of 18.4 million across different age groups are indulging in varied sports and lifestyle related activities. If you’ve been to a Decathlon Store before, you’d know that it’s the one-stop destination for every sporting requirement.

With 50 different sports and more than 5000 sports products including gear and equipment, we’d like to be the wind beneath your sportive wings. Today, sports products are probably available scattered in different parts of Mumbai. The idea is to solve every requirement related to sports under one roof. Tomorrow, if you decide to go for a weekend hike to Rajmachi or even a scuba diving trip to Goa, you really need to look no further. You can be sure to get completely prepared with one visit to the Store.

decathlon store in mumbai

What’s interesting for us is again the variety of terrain and landscape placed in and around Mumbai which we look at as a massive playground. We, at Decathlon, love the outdoors and to see all the different hiking spots, fishing opportunities, cycling/running trails, snorkelling and scuba diving environments and just the wide green patches for nature sports and wildlife discovery get us very excited. With so much space to practice and an existing active enthusiasm, our new store location was thus decided to give sports enthusiasts across the city easier access to the store; who otherwise travel to the Thane store.

decathlon store in mumbai

Children and adults cycling around the aisles, skateboarders zooming past in style, dribbling of the basketball, an intense trial of the trampoline are some of the common sights inside and outside every Decathlon Store. Decathlon Ghatkopar will similarly consist of experience zones including a skating area, a basketball court, a tennis court, a cricket pitch, a volleyball court and a multipurpose playground. The Store Manager, Zolt Cserhalmi who is also a lover of racket sports, fitness, running and rock climbing believes that it is our conviction that the experience of touch, feel and try will bring our customers closer to sports while they are assisted by a passionate team of sportspersons help them rediscover the joy of sports.Visit the new store to unravel this platter of sports!

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