Navesh Dakdar, a trekking and camping enthusiast shares his experiences on the 410 Geonaute Heart Rate Monitor that he used on his trek to the Everest Base Camp!

Heart Rate Monitors are really a fun way to measure how hard we’re working. I always wanted one to find my exercise sweet spot, and now that I have it – Geonaute 410 progress – I’m more than content with my decision to listen to my heart. It tells me where and when my body is being pushed just hard enough without the risk of an injury or exertion.


heart rate monitor

Recently, I completed the Everest Base Camp trek for the second time. The first time, I did not have any wearable devices and hence could not track my performance and measure it. So, this time around I made sure I had the best one. I ran into as many stores as I possibly could, scoured the internet to buy heart-rate monitors online, checked their reviews, ratings, etc. I listened with utmost intent to salespeople while they explained the “technology” behind those products with my mouth dropping as I turned over to the price tags. After all the hassle, weighing in and ruling out options, it’s the Geonaute 410 Progress that I ended up buying!


heart rate monitor

Some cool features of this heart rate monitor are:

  • Tough built
  • Silicon bands for easy cleaning and dust resistance
  • Wire free device
  • Elastic chest band for easy fit
  • Water & shock proof
  • LED backlight


Device & Memory:

Geonaute 410 progress has diverse modes such as cardio, time, calories & fat monitoring functions. Also, the on board memory can store 5 sessions of data. After which the oldest session gets deleted. So, you can see your gradual progress.

heart rate monitor


Another great feature is that the range of the sensor is good at 1 metre. On testing the watch I found it slightly more than that. This helps when you are cycling with the device strapped on to the cycle and you have to get down for a moment. The long range helps in avoiding disconnection.

heart rate monitor

Chest Strap:

The chest strap which has the sensor & the transmitter is very comfortable to wear. Unlike other products the material used for the band isn’t itchy. Great! Because itching is the last thing you want when you are trekking or working out.

heart rate monitor


The display of the monitor is big enough and has a large font size, making it really easy to look at the screen during climbing or intense vibrations during workout. The user interface is very easy to learn. The basic functions like cardio tracking can be setup in just 3 clicks. It’s so simple that one can start using the basic function right out of the box without even reading the manual. Overall, a great heart rate monitor that helps beginners and pros alike!


My Verdict:

For me, it proved to be one true companion during the Everest Base Camp trek, letting me monitor my heart rate throughout to keep a check on symptoms of high altitude sickness. Even in sub-zero temperatures, the device worked perfectly fine. I’m really impressed by its functioning even in extreme cold weather. The signal of the sensors was strong even through several layers of clothing. I’m taking it along on more treks, for sure!


Check out the Geonaute 410 Heart Rate Monitor for yourself!

Heart rate monitor

Navesh Dakdar is the founder of GetSetCamp. They organize private camping at exotic locations around Mumbai and Pune.