When I first heard about Go Skateboarding Day, I didn’t really know what to expect. I can’t quite imagine that there’s a huge skateboarding scene in India but there does exist a skateboarding community. Growing up as a skateboarder in India, most kids derive their inspiration from videos, movies etc completely captivated by the punk rock skate cult and the entire way of life and beliefs that are associated with it.

Go Skateboarding Day is an official annual holiday conceived by the International Association of Skateboard Companies to promote skateboarding. The holiday was conceived to help make skateboarding more accessible to the world through various events held in major cities around the world.

go skateboarding day

At Decathlon, we try to uphold days that mark the celebration and preservation of any sport and want to promote the culture of regular practice while being able to identify oneself with a particular sport. Skateboarding has a personality of its own and today plenty of individuals are able to relate to it on a very personal level just like I do.

How do we celebrate the day? Skateboarders anyway go skateboarding every day of their lives but this is probably just another reason to ditch your couch and hit the streets. If you’ve never been skateboarding, get on out into the world and start learning the amazing delights of this sport. The different types and patterns of skateboards that are available today just adds to the delight.

Skateboarders rolling by is not really a regular sight on Indian roads yet so here’s a surprise for you.

Team Oxelo had a fantastic time in India, skating down your regular neighbourhoods side by side to autos and other familiar sights creating quite a spectacle.

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go skateboarding daygo skateboarding day

go skateboarding day