Can a pair of shoe inspire you? Can you take up as much as a pair of shoe can?

On a very tight budget, I was backpacking around South America which had a lot of trekking involved. I had to keep my luggage to a minimum. So, I had packed just 1 Quechua Forclaz 500 shoe. Yes, 1 pair of shoe. I wasn’t sure of my decision of just carrying 1 shoe for the trip of my life. But, I believe that we need to challenge ourselves every now and then if we want to become a better version of ourself. This became my personal challenge.

This is a not a single trek story. This is a story which spans over 5 countries in 2.5 months and it’s about me, my shoes and several treks that I had to undertake. It goes on till one of us give up.

Challenge 1- Rio de Janeiro – Let’s see how my shoes fare on Day 1. 

So I tried them on Dois Irmaos Hike in Rio. Next day on a Donna Marta Hike and the day after that in Niteroi Parque de
Cidade. I didn’t need time to break in them.

forclaz 500

Challenge 2 – Peru – But these were just day treks. So, why not try a multi-day trek?

Yes, I trekked Machu Pichu in my Quechuas. Why stop there? Didn’t feel a tinge of pain after climbing and
walking in them for 2 days. So I trekked Machu Pichu mountain.

forclaz 500

Challenge 3 – Peru – Why just Machu Picchu mountain? Why not something that is higher and colder?

So I trekked to Rainbow Mountain in Peru which stands at 17,060 ft.

forclaz 500

Challenge 4 – Trekking is fine, can I try Climbing?

So I climbed every rock, every hill I encountered in Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

forclaz 500

Challenge 5 – Peru – Why only trekking, why not ride a motorcycle in them?

So I did Cusco-Maras-Moray Salineras-Cusco

forclaz 500

Challenge 6 – Chile – But, why just a motorcycle? Why not try a bicycle?

So I cycled 50 kilometres in a day in the scorching heat at the driest place on Earth, San Pedro de Atacama.

forclaz 500

Challenge 7 – Peru – Ok let’s see how well they fare in the sand.

forclaz 500

Challenge 8 – Boy, these shoes do have some magic. Can I walk on water with them like Jesus?

So I took them to Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. I love the way they dry so fast. But yes at freezing temperatures, they were holding
stronger than me.

forclaz 500

It’s been 3 months, I’ve been wearing them and walking an average of 5 kilometres in them every day. They show not
even a single sign of wear or tear. All I have in mind right now is, what next?

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forclaz 500


forclaz 500