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Before we talk about the beginning of an epic journey that starts from the airport, let’s recap a little bit and see what we’ve been up to the entire month. Training and picking up the right gear and accessories have been big on our priority.


Gear, Accessories, Equipment – Check!

Now we’re all set to move. Although anxiousness is an intrinsic part of road riding and we’re feeling it a little bit right now, it’s somewhere also overcome by excitement.


Feeling so fly!

We started towards the airport at 4:30 am in the morning for a 7:10 am flight. Even though my house is merely 7kms away from the airport, I didn’t want to take a risk, not on this day for sure.

During the baggage check in, I was happy to see that it just weighed 18 kilos when I had expected it to be close to 30. We had some time to relax and just contemplate at the boarding gate before heading to Chandigarh. Our journey to Chandigarh was peaceful with no alarms and no surprises and a little snack that included cup noodles and a drink.


We landed in Chandigarh at around 10 am, booked a cab and reached the Zirakpur Store, our first store/stop/milestone I would say. Our excitement was ascending to see our bikes, getting prepared at the workshop. We were finally feeling it.

The bikes weren’t completely ready so we put our hands to it too, checked everything, fixed accessories and looked into minute details, an attempt to avoid unforeseen hurdles on the road.

We stayed in the store until 6 pm, had authentic Punjabi food for lunch. The food was amazing for us South Indian boys, we really enjoyed it.


Thank you Zirakpur boys for the warm send-off! Home is where Decathlon is!

We left from Zirakpur for Shimla at around 6:30 pm, loaded our bikes on to the car and started off. The hilly roads, with all the curves, was slightly scary. To add to it, there was continuous rainfall which earlier caused landslides on the road and made it extremely muddy due to some construction work on road widening.

We finally made it to our friends place at around 11:00 pm.

Our first instinct was to crash, it was a long day and tomorrow would be a bigger day!


Aaaand, we’re in Shimla

The view we fall asleep to!

The view we fell asleep to!


Morning had broken and the day had arrived. Our bikes reminded us of the journey that was ahead of us.


Miles to go before we sleep!


We are so ready!


First Landmark – Christ Church Shimla – Check!

 We’ve promised ourself that every time we cross a major landmark, we count that as an achievement. It made sense to us because we’re riding through almost the entire mainland of the country. So here we are in front of Christ Church, Shimla which is our starting point and also our first landmark. Next stop, India Gate.

It’s been four days on the road and it hasn’t been easy. The Shimla to Delhi stretch is all about sunburns and dehydration. See, we’re coming from the land of pleasant weather. The heat near Delhi is pretty much unimaginable for us. Somehow we managed to survive it, thank God for our hydration bags and sun protection gear!


The road is long but the end is always near!



We’re completely feeling the North!


Hydration is key. Can’t let the sun stop me!


But we only deserve the No. 1 toilet! Nothing less 😛

Yes, our very first puncture!


Cannot be able to do this anymore!


But hey look, Delhi is not far! :D.

Entering Delhi triggered in us a sense of satisfaction and achievement. The sun was setting and we were at India Gate, our second landmark! It’s been a long day but it’s worth it. We realise at times like these how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong, to measure yourself at least once.



Aaand we’re here! Our Second Landmark/Milestone – The India Gate!


But first, let me take a selfie!

Then we head to Decathlon Sohna Road and Decathlon Noida for workshops! It’s was overwhelming the way we were received with plenty of warmth and appreciation! It was also pretty interesting for us to interact with our customers and share our experiences with them. We’d be glad if we’re successfully able to inspire a few people.


Workshop at Decathlon Sohna Road! 


Decathlon Noida – Home is where Decathlon is!

Next Stop – Jaipur
Route for the next few days -Jaipur-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Baroda-Surat-Thane-Pune

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