Riding through terrains varied that align with emotions varied, we wonder what’s going on in the minds of our two cyclists who will be embracing a very special journey.

Cycling from Shimla to Kanyakumari, anticipation is a part of the journey. The anticipation of days on the road in the sun or in the rain, long highways, longer nights, changing landscape colours, local flavours and to not having a single average day.

Meet Stanley. S. Phillips

Sports Leader (Workshop) at Decathlon Whitefield. Enthusiast. Compulsive Cyclist. Traveller. Inspired.

Cycling is my meditation. I like to connect myself with nature whenever I go on long distance rides.

I like how my exercise and transportation is fun while getting my Zen on, it’s perfectly productive.

Shimla to Kanyakumari

What’s your Story?

I started cycling at a very young age. I learned this art on my own by renting out bicycles for 50 paise per hour.

Initially, I cycled for fun till it became my means of a commute from point A to point B, then for health reasons and now it has become my PASSION and my pay check as well.

I used to be 86kgs before and now I am 69kgs. Cycling has helped me maintain a good body and mind at 38.

shimla to kanyakumari

What encouraged you to undertake this expedition?

I am a traveller. I am always curious and would love to see my beautiful country on my bicycle. I follow bicycle tourers on social media and also have few friends who travel on bikes around INDIA, their stories have inspired me a lot.

Shimla to Kanyakumari

What are your expectations from a trip like this?

I am looking forward to experiencing new places, new cultures, food, languages etc. Travelling helps me understand life better, learn new things and meet wonderful people.

I’ve travelled almost 80% of India by other means of transportations. I want to do the rest on my bike.

Note – When he’s not riding, you can find him in the Workshop area of Decathlon Whitefield Store, Bangalore.

Meet Nishanth Chand

Sports Advisor in Decathlon Anubhava. Road Cyclist. Passionate. Photographer. Energetic

I am always trying to explore something new. See different places, cultures, make new friends. I get to do this when I’m cycling far and wide.

Every place is different from another.

As a passionate photographer, I like to capture these moments and share them with my friends and family.

Shimla to Kanyakumari

What’s your story?

It all started when I was one year old. I was very fascinated by the tricycle. That was the beginning. I never stopped since.

While visiting Mumbai on vacations, I was able to embrace its different trails and go for long rides on my friend’s cycle. My craze for cycling was something that wasn’t there to go. So, I got myself a second-hand cycle from a lady lecturer and that’s where my journey began.

My purpose in life now is to convince people to use cycles more than any other means of transportation. In a traffic situation, it’s always faster and also ensures internal joy. For me, this is my happiness machine.

Shimla to Kanyakumari


What encouraged you to undertake such an expedition?

I had never ridden out of south Karnataka. I am so eager to explore the other region of India, see its varying landscapes, feel different weather patterns, see many cultures, maybe learn another language. I am ready to even dance with all the new people I meet. I can’t wait to see what’s on my plate, just the possibility of these things can make me undertake such expeditions again and again.

Shimmla to Kanyakumari

What are your expectations from a trip like this?

I expect to enjoy my journey and build plenty of memories because after it’s all over, the pain disappears while the memories remain.

Note – When he is not on the road, you can find him in the Btwin (Cycling) Layout of Decathlon Anubhava Store, Bangalore.

You’ll have to commit to getting out. Once you’re out there, there’s a world of possibilities and experiences.

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