Same Day. Same Time. Across 50 Decathlon Stores in 36 Cities

Since our inception in India in 2009, our goal has been to make sports accessible to the many. Today, we’re proud to have 4.5 million Users and 2851 Happy Sport Enthusiasts to serve you better.

Sports Utsava is a way to Celebrate Sports with our Users. At Decathlon, we have something for every user. Somebody who is a passionate footballer at 7, a mature rider at 70. Somebody who is getting back to sports at 40 or even somebody who’s learning a new sport for the first time.

For the very first time, we have a two-day event happening across every store in the country. This event will be held across 50 Decathlon Stores with more than 15 Sports Events, fun, festival and games, all at the same time. It’s not something that is easy to imagine or even possible to explain. It is something you have to experience yourself.

Choose any store in the country to celebrate Sports Utsav, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before.


Each store will host 15+ sports events designed for your entire family, from tiny toddlers to the spirited elderly. The events will vary from store to store but to give you a basic idea of what you can expect, look out for various different sports that you’re probably already good at like Basketball, Cricket, Football, Skateboarding etc.

Try out new sports like Rock Climbing, Archery, Darts and much more. There’s just too many fun events for everyone, it’s something you really cannot miss if you’re a sports enthusiast.

Run and Ride your City Streets

Your city is getting ready to vibrate with energy on the 11th and 12th of November with an unforgettable spectacle of car-free streets packed with cyclists and runners.

“Run and Ride your City Streets” is the first event of Sports Utsav. We invite everybody to participate. Imagine thousands of people including kids and adults all out on the streets at the same time across 50 locations in the country, running and cycling together.

This is intended to be a fun and enjoyable event to take part in or just to come along to watch and cheer people on.


Run and Ride with us on Sports Utsav from any Decathlon Store in the country.

Registration Fee – Rs 600 (Includes t-shirt, a goodie bag, Rs 150 Decathlon voucher, refreshments and an e-certificate)

Reporting Time – 05:30 am
Starting Time – 06:00 am

Running Categories – 10 km and 05 km

Riding Categories – 10km and 40km

Support Vehicles and Ambulances will be available.

Note – Helmet Compulsory for Cyclists!


Post the “Run and Ride your City Streets” Event, experience more than 15+ Sports Events at the venue.

We’re massively looking forward to your participation.