Decathlon Coach is a set of services designed to help you progress in your sport.


By allowing you to keep a history of all your sports sessions so that you’re able to analyse. Also, offers you free training plans in accordance with your goal.

Here is the Ecosystem created by Decathlon to measure your sporting activities.

The Mobile Application Decathlon Coach

It allows you to find your sports data and the history of your sessions at any time. Through this, you can follow the training plan, after setting your goal, your practice days and the desired program.

You can also do a free session with your smartphone, and save it to your account.

.walking challenge walking challenge

Products or Applications for measuring activities

Sports measurement products allow you to gather important information about your practice: weight, speed, the distance travelled and heart rate. It is then on the Decathlon Coach App that you will be able to take advantage of all this information to progress.

The smartphone app Decathlon Coach fulfils the same role as a GPS watch but uses the GPS sensor in your phone to measure your movement.

walking challenge

Try the Walking Challenge through Decathlon Coach App

Do you often feel tired, lacking in energy? With this programme, we’re calling out to everyone who wants to get back into sports gently, effectively and sustainably.

My Walking challenge is a complete, gradual and free fitness walking training programme over 4 weeks, accompanied by many practical tips.

Like a genuine fitness walking coach, this will help you tone your body, relax, clear your mind and get back into sports. It’s a great energy boost for body and mind!

Steps to follow!

– Download the Decathlon Coach App.

– Go to the “Coaching” Section

walking challenge

– Select “Walking”

walking challenge

– Select “Training Programs”

walking challenge

– Find your “My Walking Challenge” here and begin your session.

walking challenge

All the best!


Download the app here for IOS

Download here for Android