A few years ago, taking up sports as a profession was not possible at all. But as expected, with the entry of Decathlon in the Indian market, things changed. People got a chance to start working and living their dreams in sports such as cricket, badminton, cycling and so on.

Their tagline itself- ‘Sport for All, All for Sport’ is a reminder to every athlete that their candy store has the answer to all their problems. Not to forget the size of the massive stores across the whole of India. The stores have their own charm that gets children, teenagers, college going kids, working class and even family members on their toes. The variety and the freedom for anyone to try out the products and accessories in the store is something that no other brand permits, at least in India.

With Decathlon, I have heard before and now know from experience that the products they sell are user-friendly and last longer than others. Also, their staff is very friendly and aware of the various products that they have in the store. They will not misguide you, whether it is buying a bicycle, a pair of running shoes or any other accessories. Such experiences have cemented my faith in the brand and their services.

They also have one of the best customer services that I have ever come across. They simply replace the damaged products without any additional charges. The best part about this candy store is that you will get everything under one roof at affordable prices.

Last but not the least, Decathlon has now launched its online store that gives them an added advantage to reach out to more people.

Click here to visit the Decathlon Website Online

This Article is written by Abhishek Tarfe. 

Founder of VeloCrush India (http://velocrushindia.com) and also a renowned blogger from Bombay.