Explore a fitter version of yourself through the Domyos Cross Training Range. Raise your spirit, strength and stamina.

Domyos Training Strap

Your one stop solution for a full body workout: Suspension training where we use our own body weight to engage multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Jump Squat

The beginning of a Jump Squat is a regular squat with your training strap post which engage your core and jump up explosively. This can be done in two to three sets of ten reps.

Cross Training


Perform your regular plank while you suspend your legs on the strap to strengthen your back and your core.

Cross Training

Mountain Climber

Running in the air isn’t really limited to science fiction movies anymore. With your feet suspended to the strap, alternate between bringing your knee to your chest and speeding up. It is a bigger challenge when you’re dangling in the air.

Cross Training

Body row

Row yourself towards a fitter shore. The muscles to be targeted here is the back and the biceps. To perform the exercise, start with your arms straight while you pull your chest towards your hands using the Domyos Training Strap, keeping your elbows straight.

Cross Training

Little more challenging: 1 legged Burpee

Make burpees even more challenging but with great body benefits. To practice this, adjust your strap around your mid-calf while you lower into a push-up. Raise your torso back up, then get your left foot to your chest as you return to stand.

Cross training


Getting popular as a fat blaster. this cannonball shaped accessory also gives a total body workout and is ideal to develop strength.

The evergreen Kettlebell Swing

This is an ultimate power endurance move since it is that one move that you can’t replicate with any other tool. Your targeted muscles here are the thighs, glutes and the back. Perform the exercise by standing with your feet hip-width apart. By thrusting your hips forward, swing the kettlebell to eye level then drop it back down between your knees.

Cross Training

Goblet Squat

Your targeted muscles for this are the thighs and glutes. Perform the exercise by holding the kettlebell to your chest while you do a squat and exhale as you stand back up.

Cross Training

Kettlebell Deadlift

The targeted muscles for this are the hamstrings, glutes and the back.To perform the exercise,  lower the kettlebell to just above the floor, then stand back up. Inhale as you go down, exhale as you come back up.

Cross Training

Kettlebell around the world

The targeted muscles for this are the abs, glutes and the shoulders. The “around the world” is a great abdominal exercise. Stand with your feet at the shoulders. Keep handing your kettlebell from one hand to another around your body for a set number of repetitions post which reverse the movement.

Cross Training


Your targeted muscles here are the shoulders and the thighs. Perform the exercise with your kettlebell at knee level as you strengthen your body up and draw the kettlebell to shoulder height.

Cross Training

Medicine Ball

A weighted ball used for strength training. The best part is that these weights do not damage the floor when dropped! It can be used for many core strengthening exercises.

Russian Twist

To perform this, get a medicine ball and sit on the floor with your hips and knees bent 90 degrees. Hold the weight in front of you while you keep your back straight. Twist your torso to the maximum towards the left and then reverse the motion towards the right.

Cross Training

Crunch Hold with Medicine Ball

Hold a medicine ball and lie flat on your back with knees bent, legs apart, abs engaged, and arms lifted upwards.When you exhale, use your abs to crunch up and when you inhale, slowly return to the floor to complete a rep.


Get a medicine ball and lie down on the floor facing upwards. With the medicine ball in your hand, raise your arms backwards until it is flat on the floor right over your head. Begin your exercise by simultaneously lifting your torso and legs till you touch the medicine ball to your feet. Your torso and legs should form a V-shape.

Rolling Push Ups

This works on the shoulders, biceps, triceps, core, back, hips and the chest. To practice this type, first get in plank position with your left hand over the medicine ball and your right hand on the floor followed by a push up until your chest is close to the floor. Press back up to a plank. Follow this procedure with the other hand too.

Superman with Medicine Ball

To feel completely like superman, lie down on the floor with your arms outstretched holding a medicine ball. Slowly, raise your arms and legs high up contracting your back muscles. Hold your position on top for a while and then lower the body back down again and repeat.

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