Wearing bright or deep colours when you swear by black and grey is no mean feat! We admit that each of us perceive colour differently according to our genes, our culture and the place where we’ve grown up. In addition, we experience each colour in connection with others and this relationship can also vary greatly. However, we can agree that there is a classification: for example, so-called “warm” colours are more like orange and “cool” colours are bluer. Have you considered blue or mint green for this season? Just mentioning them makes it feel like summer! Not to mention that each of these colours have a hidden power. Can you guess what they are?

Blue for concentration

Blue, the essential colour in a golfer’s wardrobe will perfectly complement and complete your outfit. This shade is your best ally to stay focused for 18 holes on the trot!

Golf Polos

Mint green for vitality

Fresh and invigorating, mint is perfect for giving you a boost in early spring. Light and reassuring, it inspires serenity. With a spring in your step, you will be more focused on your swing and will complete your round with expert precision!

Golf Polos

Pink for a healthy glow

Pink is a warm colour that gives you an instant healthy glow. Softer than red, it pairs very well with “nude” and “peachy” tones.

Golf Polos

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