For competitive golfing, choosing the right golf gear is the most important decision a golfer makes. We hope to help you learn how to choose the right gear to improve your game.

In competitive golf, the regulations allow for a maximum of 14 clubs.

These clubs generally include the following:

– One or two sand wedges for approach shots and for shooting out of bunkers

– One pitching wedge for approach shots

– 5 irons: 9 ; 8 ; 7 ; 6 ; 5. For distances between 110 and 160m

– 2 hybrids: 4 and 3. For distances between 160 and 190m

– two fairway woods: 5 and 3 woods. For distances between 190 and 220m

– One driver: For tee shots of up to 270m.

– One putter: for a precise finish.

golf gear

Beginners do not need all these clubs. A half-kit is quite enough. Half-kits contain:

– 4 irons: Sand wedge; 9 ; 7 and 5

– One 3 wood;

– One putter.

These clubs are sufficient to make all the shots, to progress at your own pace and to be bitten by the golf bug!

So once the clubs are in the bag, what else do you need?
Golf balls.

Golf balls are numbered so they are not mixed up with your partners’ golf balls. You can also identify them with your own individual marking, just to make sure.

golf gear

A Glove.

Right-handed players were a glove on their left hand, and vice verse for left-handed players. This explains why this hand applies the greatest force to the club. Therefore, it is preferable to wear a glove to have a better hold on the club, but also to avoid friction.

golf gear



Tees are used to support the ball when teeing off.

golf gear

An umbrella and waterproof clothes.

Golf is an outdoor sport, so it is preferable to be ready for rain with some waterproof clothes along with an umbrella.

golf gear


Special towels are used to wipe clean your clubs after taking a shot. This helps to keep the clubs in good condition.

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