Note: Quechua T3 Plus is no more in production and it has been replaced by Arpenaz XL 3.


Amar Shekhar, a trekking enthusiast shares his experiences on the camping tents he used on his trek on the western ghats in India.


Camping tents in India

Whenever it comes to organizing camps / treks and the group size is essentially more than 15 then Quechua T3 plus comes in handy.

How and why?

Great value for money:
As an organizer, you always look out for something which gives you the best in the least. Well, you cannot always monitor the well-being of your tent when you are on the trek and tents are distributed in different hands. Because this tent is rugged in nature for Western Ghats, I do not worry too much about its handling.

If you would look out for the same quality of the materials like fibre glass poles or polyethylene ground sheet, you are sure to pay a hefty price for that. But, here it comes easier.

Larger than the large:
2.1×2.0 m of dimension is enough to accommodate three people. On colder nights, if everyone is slipped inside sleeping bag, four people can also get accommodated and it remains warmer too. Apart from that, the dome height of almost 120 cm gives enough space to sit inside the tent comfortably; have chit chat at the night. In the wilderness where we camp in totally open space, it can also be used by females for changing clothes.

Camping Tents in India


Rainproof and rain-flyer:
I remember once we went to Kumara Parvatha in the Western Ghats in the peak monsoon season. It rained for almost whole night. If properly, pegged and flyer properly tied, the tent is surely a waterproof haven. The groundsheet won’t even let you feel the wet earth though you can feel the cold earth for which you need a mat to seal the earth from your body.
Good design and easy setup:
It hardly takes more than 3-4 minutes to properly pitch the tent if you have pitched this tent before. Same applies to the folding too. Vents given at the front are good for ventilation and on silent nights when nature is in favourable condition, one can just use the nets at the front vent to keep away the worms and mosquitoes while getting the fresh natural air all through the night.


Camping tents in India


Note: Quechua T3 Plus is no more in production and it has been replaced by Arpenaz XL 3.


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