Saffron Pride – Tigress

It was a dream to see a Tiger in the famous Jim Corbett National Park. During my previous visits the stripes have eluded me but this time I was desperate. After 3 days of bad luck, I had only 1 day left on my itinerary. As we set for the morning safari from Dikhala FRH we spotted some fresh pug marks at Sambhar road, it was a female. The territory is well known for a bold tigress named Paarwali. We made some rounds but no sign of her. Tigers are excellent in camouflage. On the 3rd round around the spot, we spotted just in front of us, she was wet might have crossed the Ramganga river. This young Tigress was very bold, as we were following her she stopped and turned around and was ready to charge. The driver quickly took the wheel to reverse to make some distance, thankfully the tigress calmed down. As I was clicking my heart was pounding and I can feel the taste of adrenaline. At that moment, it was only our jeep in the area. Soon rest of the jeeps rushed to the spot. The tigress went inside the bush and we heard some screeching sound. Within a minute it came out with a monkey kill in its jaw.

Tigers are known to take its kill in a comfortable place to eat, she crossed the river and vanished into thick grass. We returned for a quick lunch and started the afternoon safari with high hopes that she would be there. We waited for 3 hours at one place, waiting for her to come out of the bush and she did come out. Paarwali approached and came right in the middle of the convoy of jeeps. She didn’t give a damn and the jeeps just scattered to make way for the queen. Most of the jeeps decided to leave at it was getting dark. Our jeep was position on high banks and then she decided to cross the river to spend the night on the other side. With the sun setting and the stripes crossing Ramganga, I thanked mother nature as I kept my shutter open. Finally, the jinx was broken and Corbett offered me a sighting of a lifetime.

indranil basu mallick

indranil basu mallick


This Entry is by Indranil Basu Mallick

Location: Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Date: 21/11/2016

Category: Wildlife Animals (In their natural habitats)
Species – Royal Bengal Tigress

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