Tantalising Andamans

One of the most sought destination across the world, Andaman, and the Nicobar Islands are covered with dense rain-fed, damp and evergreen forests with endless varieties of exotic flora and fauna. Out of 120 islands, only 36 are inhabitable, the majority of the places in Andaman is untouched from human disturbance and offer some of the most beautiful natural scenery.

One can visit the Andaman group of Islands as the Nicobar group of Islands is out of reach for any kind of Tourism activities because a majority of people living in the

The Nicobar Islands are Tribal who do not like the interference of the outsiders. Andaman is famous for scuba diving and snorkeling experiences. There are various places that offer scuba diving in Andaman.

Some of the most famous scuba diving sites in Andaman include Havelock Islands, Neil Islands etc. And if someone likes spending time enjoying the nature then there are several beaches right. What’s more, all that one needs is to decide which one to try first.

Deepansh Mishra

Half In –Half Outshot at Neil Island.


The island with beautiful sandy beaches fringed with a green canopy of rain-fed forests, Havelock is a picturesque natural paradise. Some of the beautiful tourist spots at Havelock are Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach and Kalapathar Beach. One of the best experiences at Havelock is open water Scuba Diving. The diving possibilities around the Andamans are vast and it feels that what has been discovered is only the beginning and even that is pretty great.

Scuba Diving is a once in a lifetime experience for any individual, the beautiful sea life which one will discover during their dive is something one can never forget. One can see the amazing sea life among the world of awesome water bodies, vibrant fishes and coral reefs.

For leisure and first-time divers, there’s a small training session which lasts for around 30 minutes and the instructors teach some signs and basics about how to talk and use the equipment under water. The total Scuba diving experience including basic training and knows how is about 2 Hours but the dive sites may vary at Havelock based upon conditions.

There is also PADI courses available for open water experiences, and specifically for underwater photography where the divers are trained over a course of 5 days or 3-day continuous schedule. It enables one to record and document one of the most vibrant and colorful beneath the incredibly blue waters of Andaman islands.

Deepansh Mishra

Titan Triggerfish shot at Havelock Island.

Deepansh Mishra


‘Vegetable Bowl’ of Andamans, Neil Island a beautiful island located to the south of Andaman Islands with unexplored hot beaches and forests is one of the
hot tourist spots in the Andaman Islands. Spending quality time and indulging in water sports in a crystal clear water,

Neil Islands are Andamans rustic masterpiece. Inspired by the Hindu Mythology, all the beaches in Neil have been named after characters from the Ramayana- Ramnagar, Sitapur, Laxmanpur, and Bharatpur to be specific and precise.

With exquisite coral and marine life, there are small lagoons perfect for snorkelling at Neil. The Bharatpur beach offers calm blue crystal clear shallow waters and is an amazing spot for snorkelers. The reefs are in pristine condition and with a little exploration, one can find corals in the same way they were formed.

Deepansh Mishra

Deepansh Mishra

Sitapur Beach, Neil Island.


Famous for its sunset view and bird watching, ChidiyaTapu is located 30 km from the main city. From Port Blair, the journey would take around one hour to reach Chidiya Tapu. Remains of trees uprooted during Tsunami in 2004 are still present near the beach.

For adventure lovers, ChidiyaTapu has more to offer. A trekking trail, which passes through the forest and the beautiful coastline to reach the MundaPahad
(Black Mountain). The trail starts at the shore of ChidyiaTapu beach and moves up passing through dense forests.

Dotted with green mangroves and peaceful forests, it is a perfect place for nature lovers. The place is also famous for its 46 varieties of endemic birds, white spotted deer, and seasonal orchids. ChidiyaTapu Biological Park, ChidiyaTapu Beach, and the Sylvan Sands and Munda Pahar beaches are the prime attractions. The beaches are a paradise for
collectors of seashells because different varieties of colorful shells lie strewn all around. It is an ideal picnic spot and during sunset, the island is undoubtedly magical.

Deepansh Mishra

Sunset at Corbyn Coves beach, South Andaman Island.

Deepansh Mishra

Sunset at Chidiya Tapu .

deepansh mishra

An 11 vertical frame digitally stitched panorama at Chidiya Tapu .


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