Dooars: The Doorway to Raw Nature

Gorumara National Park

From my childhood, I am fascinated about forests. Probably some great novels written in Bengali literature fuelled this. Yet, I didn’t have much exposure to forests. Only once, during my school days, I visited the mystic mangrove forest – Sundarvan. But nevertheless, it would not be counted as a true forest trip.

Barun Chatterjee

Jeep Safari at Chilapata Forest

The opportunity came in May 2017 when I visited Dooars in North Bengal. Dooars means doorway (to Bhutan) and literally, it opened a doorway to the raw nature.

Barun Chatterjee

Late Afternoon at Chilapata Forest

Equipped with my D3200, I captured only some essence of that wilderness. But unless the foliage starts to poke your forehead, the damped smell starts to fill your olfaction, the untamed greenery starts to overwhelm your vision and the absence of mechanical sounds starts to spread your mind, you cannot feel that actual experience.

Barun Chatterjee

Near Old Fort of Nal King (Nal Rajar Garh)

Most people ask about the animals witnessed there or share their own experiences like a professional big game hunter. But forests don’t have their own beauty?  The mysterious and captivating calmness cannot be felt without large animals? I don’t think so. Indeed, forests offer their own surprises at every bend you visit. For instance, a ruin of a 1500 years old fort that appeared suddenly out of the green in Chilapata forest.

Barun Chatterjee

Elephant Safari at Jaldapara National Park

Barun Chatterjee

Northeast Frontier Railway passing through pristine Dooars

Dooars never bored me even if I changed the perspective. Whether it’s a jeep safari through the wooden parts, an elephant safari through the grassland area or a train journey across, I was enthralled.

Barun Chatterjee

Murti River

Hills and rivers complement the beauty of forests like a lavish post-dinner dessert delicacy. Likewise, the blue hills of Bhutan and the splendid Murti river fulfilled that aspect too.

This trip not only gave me some wondrous photographs but also a sixth sense to feel the “call of the wild” ever since.


This Entry is by Barun Chatterjee

Location: Dooars, West Bengal

Date: 9th – 10th May 2017

Category: Landscapes and Plants – Scenic views and native plants in wild settings
Equipment Used: Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm Lens

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