Framing Fireflies!

I had completely fallen in love with the sight when I witnessed it for the first time in my life. Trees at night turn into a paradise of fireflies during the onset of monsoons. I wish that everybody is able to witness this sight with a REAL dark sky at least once in their lifetime.

Into a Fairyland

It was a wonderful sight that welcomed our early morning when we were en route to Wanjulshet, after a Roller coaster ride of 3 hours along with drizzling shower of a scenic journey through ridges and valleys over few hairpin bends, 1000 feet above sea level on the broadest belts of the Mountains.

Balaji Loganathan

Fireflies have always mesmerized me!– I was actually keen to see ‘the millions of these tiny flickers come together as a mating ritual just before the monsoons. Though Fireflies are alive for only 2 months of the year in India, between the month of May & June; they hatch from their eggs, become the cool wavering bulbs.

Balaji Loganathan

Evening hues changed from dark blue to gray and the light was rapidly fading while nightfall covered the entire scape. It was absolutely dark; the sky was covered with thick layers of Monsoon clouds above us; added drama to the scene. Without wasting time, I unpacked my camera equipment and camped observing the “The Magical tree” with its branch outstretched wide into the hill. A deep silence fell upon the scene. Not even the chirrup of a cricket disturbed the stillness. A few minutes later, I saw just a few twinkles on the tree line.

Balaji Loganathan

With every blink of the eye; the number of fireflies kept on increasing and unbelievably like a sparkling “flash trains” in the trees. The tiny twinkles were blinking together but in a tranquil rhythm that would go up on one tree and then the next one and then the next.

This was Mother Nature at its best performance and I was merely a silent spectator. Not just me but the entire living species around the scene joined me in awestruck posture.

Balaji Loganathan

The dance of the fireflies has been fixed in my memory for the rest of my life. I have plans to go there again next year and I strongly feel that such a beautiful phenomenon must be preserved.

The best way to preserve a habitat is to leave it alone!

Balaji Loganathan


This Entry is by Balaji Loganathan

Location: Mumbai (Wanjulshet Village)

Date: June 18th 2016

Category: Landscapes and Plants – Scenic views and native plants in wild settings
Species – Fireflies

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