Oh, what fun it is to write.

We thought it’d be interesting to pen down your sports experiences this Christmas as an attempt to capture all your wonderful moments just like photographs!

We believe that when you’re passionate about a particular sport, you somewhere collect a jar of experiences on the way. We know for sure that everybody has a story to tell.

Your sports journey has always been our inspiration. Here’s your chance to share those intricate moments that stay with you and probably plays a role in changing your life in a certain way!

Here are the topics to ponder upon. You can either write on one topic or more. We will be accepting multiple entries.


Christmas has its charms and it’s lovely to capture the mood and the beauty of each moment spent playing with family or even taking a solo trip to the mountains. Either way, share with us a photo- story of your sports experiences this season.

If you were Santa Claus, what is that one sport you’d like to distribute to the kids of our country and why?

10 ways to have a Sporty Christmas!

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How do I submit my entries?

– Send your entries to amarabati.sen@decathlon.com

– If you have a blog of your own, send us the link of your article as an entry to the same email id.

– Use “Blog Contest – What’s Your Sporty Wish!” as the subject line of your entry.

– Nice pictures even in the writeup’s can win you brownie points.

– You can also add videos to both your photostory as well as in the normal articles.


15th JANUARY 2017  ( Right when the Christmas spirit comes to a fade.)

The Rules of the Game

1) The content must be original, innovative and credible. Copied articles will be rejected.

2) The images (if any) must be relevant to the content of the article. Use of improper images would result in disqualification.

3) The body of the article should have a minimum of 100 words and be free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

4) One can send unlimited entries. The best piece will be considered.

5) Articles sent after the deadline will not be accepted.

6) Decathlon Sports India reserves the right to modify the rules at any point of the contest.