Let’s face it, all mornings aren’t really good. Sometimes we wake up at the wrong side of the bed, sometimes the coffee gets cold and most times dragging yourself out of bed itself ruins the mood.

When you’re feeling irritated and uninspired right before work, getting stuck in a traffic jam is probably the last thing you’d want.

What do you do in such a situation? Ride to work or anywhere for that matter. It’s a really good way to clear your head before reaching any place.

The act of taking your bicycle out for a spin for varied reasons such as, to the grocery store, to school, college, office, weekend or for recreation is commuting. If you go a little back in time, it was mainly used as a mode of transportation. The first association that pops up in our head is that of men pedalling to work on the classic cycles with dynamos and incandescent headlights.

bicycle commuting

Today, that’s not the scene anymore. Bicycles are being used for various purposes.

Here are 5 reasons that show that commuting by bike has definitely evolved as a trend.

1. People have become health conscious and they understand the benefits of cycling.

Save fuel, burn fat! Killing two birds with one stone. It’s a fantastic way to stay fit while also making a contribution to the environment. Apart from that, It’s faster, sexier, a massive stress buster, stimulates the body, increases a sense of alertness and also helps defeat insomnia.

Bicycle commuting

2. Faster mode of transportation in Metros

Commuting by cycles is actually faster than a 4 wheeler or a 2wheeler in most metros today thanks to all the traffic. A bike can be ridden on both sides, can be taken on the footpath, carried on a metro and can zip through narrow traffic.

bicycle commuting


3. Cycling to school by children still continues.

For most of us, a cycle has been the first two-wheeler of our life. It started with showing off our bike with our friends followed by the memory of the first time we were allowed to take our bike out at night, cycling to tuition etc.

Bicycle Commuting

4. Cycling in the weekend through the countryside is increasing because it acts as a stress buster.

We have to admit that the countryside is always a breath of fresh air. There is a sense of liberation pedalling through villages on roads less travelled with no traffic, being able to witness the sunrise and the mist. More people are realising the positive effects of riding in the outskirts leading to the growth of such expeditions.

Bicycle Commuting

5. More international brands and cycling clubs creating awareness and making cycling more accessible.

With an increased number of cycling brands and clubs in the market today offering greater quality and performance at a lower price, it works like a boost to more and more people taking up cycling as a sport.

bicycle commuting

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This article is written by Deepak Babu

E-Sports Manager for Cycling (Btwin)