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Camping Tents: 10 things to check before your trip

Mountain Sports

If you’re planning a camping trip anytime soon, this article will serve as a useful guide to help you get ready by making sure that you check every aspect of your tent properly before leaving. This is necessary…



Exercising at home is not only easy but also convenient and time saving! The point of this article is to enumerate the several ways or methods, one can be physically active at home, even if you don’t have…

Rules of Basketball

Team Sports

If you’re planning to take up basketball, this article will work as a good introduction to the game. If you’re not already familiar with the rules of basketball then this should serve as a good exposure. It’s important…

Archery – How to choose your bow?

Archery/ Darts

A bow is a flexible arc, the function of which is to shoot aerodynamic projectiles called arrows. The two ends of the bow are joined by a string and the string is drawn backwards, in order to flex…



I think we all understand that fitness is not a short term destination but is more a way of life. The question which arises then is how can one consistently stay fit and healthy and avoid gaining weight.…

Finishing the Ultra Marathon 100k Run


Ultra marathon run is not merely a race but also has individual challenges. The only thing I told myself before starting was, “be positive!” While I was registering myself and collecting my Bib No. I kept telling myself that…

60 Minute Ride


A bicycle ride takes you through a series of sensations which include a sense of overwhelm at a point and then again a sense of lethargy at another point. The first 60 minutes however have a pretty much…

Why Choose an Inflatable Kayak?

Water Sports

Once the warmer seasons arrive, the urge to run to the water accelerates. It’s the perfect time to go kayaking with family or friends. However, the transport difficulties of a rigid kayak may seem prohibitive. Have you ever…

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