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How to choose the right Treadmill?


To choose well, you need to understand why one treadmill would be more fitted to your needs than the other. Each treadmill is designed to give the maximum comfort at a specific target speed, depending on the running…

How to Choose your Tennis Balls?

Racket Sports

A Tennis ball is a round and yellow ball made from rubber and covered in a fluffy felt designed inherently for the sport of Tennis. The wide range of tennis balls available all look fairly similar but can…

How to choose your next Decathlon Tent?

Mountain Sports

Choosing a tent largely depends on what activity you’re about to undertake. Camping, hiking or mountaineering. Your needs and expectations for each activity are different. For a camping tent, you would probably look for something more spacious for…

How to Choose your Horse Riding Safety Vest?

Horse Riding

If you’re planning to take up horse riding as a sport, a body protector is essential as it will secure your upper body (back and torso) while you’re riding on a horse and in case of an unfortunate…

Freestyle Scooters: All you need to know

Roller Sports

If you are new to freestyle scootering, you may have trouble understanding certain technical terms. Scooters have their own precise vocabulary which can be hard to master for the uninitiated. Never fear: we’re here to help. Get to…

How to Choose your Tennis Racket

Racket Sports

Whilst tennis rackets may look roughly similar, rackets can vary considerably in terms of composition and performance and are often targeted at a specific standard of the tennis player. How then do you choose between them and find…

How to Choose your Diving Wetsuit

Water Sports

Scuba Diving wetsuits serve the purpose of exposure protectors which protect you from the cold water and also from underwater elements which can cut and sting. We have put together a few pieces of advice to help you choose…

Great tips to Choose a Suitable Bike


Choosing a bike can be a real pleasure for passionate cyclists, but for beginners or occasional riders it can be a daunting experience, with so many different bikes on the plate. This guide is designed for everyone who…

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