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6 Facts about Badminton you probably didn’t know!

Racket Sports

1) Indian badminton players excel at the current BWA rankings. Saina Nehwal ranks 2nd in Women’s Singles. K. Srikanth ranks 3rd in Men’s Singles. 2) India’s role in the origin of badminton. Although there existed the game of…

7 Reasons why you should Cycle to Work!


Fed up with traffic? No time to work out? Our solution: Cycle to work! Here’s a list of 7 Reasons why you should seriously consider the option of cycling to work!   1) Say Goodbye to Fuel Bills…

10 items you should be carrying in your Running kit


The craze for trail running among youth and adults is surging year after year. Trail running is a sport which involves running and hiking over nature trails. In the UK and Ireland it is also termed as mountain…

Nutrition Guide for Marathon Runners (Expert Tips)


So, you’ve finally enrolled for the marathon run with your friends that you’ve been waiting for? You’ve run into sports stores, scoured the internet to buy running shoes online, checked their reviews, run your fingers over them and…

How to breathe effectively while swimming

Water Sports

Developing a good breathing technique is perhaps the biggest challenge for beginners and intermediate swimmers. Breathing is a technical factor that swimmers always need to work on. Proper breathing technique guarantees you a good position in the water…

8 reasons to Learn Swimming and beat the heat this summer!

Water Sports

Here’s why you should have a dip in the pool rather than sweating it out elsewhere. We have listed 8 reasons to learn swimming and beat the heat this summer! 1) No planning/scheduling required No need to choose…

15 things every cyclist should experience atleast once in his lifetime!


Check out our range of Mountain Bikes here Here’s our pick of the 15 things every cyclist should experience atleast once in his lifetime! Make sure you tick these off your bucket list soon and keep adding more!…

How to choose your running apparels


Choosing the right running apparel is as important as choosing the right running shoes for comfortable and safe running. People generally tend to ignore this but a wrong selection of running apparels can make you uncomfortable or may…

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