The abundance of online gaming and technological amusements got you sorted for winter? We’re sorry but you’ll have to rule out such plans. Don’t react already, we have alternatives in mind for you. Instead of playing dungeon and primitive games online, we believe there’s more thrill in actually practicing the same in reality.

Get yourself an archery or a dart set and make your Winter days at home unbelievably fun and eventful. Here are few ways to get creative with archery. Gather all your friends and read on carefully.

1. Archery Dizzy Challenge

Instead of directly trying for a bull’s eye, make the process a little challenging. First, make your friend go round and round in circles for a few seconds till it makes him/her dizzy and then let them try hitting the eye.

2. Run and Hold the Target over your Head Challenge

Hold your target board over your head and run around your backyard while you let your friends try and hit the target.

3. Shoot in the Circle Challenge

You don’t always need a target board to shoot. Stir up things and make it a little more interesting and challenging. You can use a hula hoop for this challenge. Have a friend throw a hula hoop in the air, while you try to shoot your arrow through it.

4. Shoot Between Chairs

No this isn’t musical chairs. This challenge is a little bit difficult to explain. Watch the video for a demonstration of the game.

5. Shoot in the Bin

Flip the bottle challenge has taken the world by storm. Here’s an alternative to that which you can try with Archery. We’ve all practiced this before by throwing paper in the bin with absolute precision. It’s time to try your arrow.

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