You’ve got yourself a brand new Table Tennis Table but now you’re worrying how to maintain it, position it or even secure the shelves? Here are a few tips that can help you maintain your Table Tennis Table.

1. Position your table correctly

An incorrectly installed table can frustrate you while you’re practising. Here are some tips to help you position your table.

1. Install the table on the flattest surface possible.

2. When it’s open, you can adjust the table top with the adjustable feet. The objective is to have the two plates perpendicular to the ground and one in front of the other.

3. Lock the trays with the safety systems so that the table does not move.

4. If you want more stability, you can lock the wheels (shims, cords, weights …)

table tennis table

2. Secure the table

The FT730 has an automatic safety system. A “click” will tell you that the trays are secure. In order to secure your practice, be sure to install your table in a spacious area that allows you to move freely. Do not clutter your place of practice.

table tennis table

3. Clean the game board

The table FT730 is used externally and therefore subjected to the test of the elements. To keep the table in its original state, a good cleaning is required. Be careful, the tabletop remains fragile and should not be cleaned with too corrosive products or solvents. (The paint can be removed!).

Here’s the solution:

Before cleaning the tray, be sure to remove the net.

1. Mix soap with water: in a bucket, half water/half soap

2. Clean with a cloth (or sponge) soaked in the soapy water mixture, making circular ring gestures.

3. Rinse the tray with clear water then raise the net.

table tennis table

4. Protective cover

An outdoor table undergoes the whims of time. Therefore, apart from regular cleaning, the table should be protected when stored. A protective cover will allow your table to last longer in rainy and stormy weather but also to protect the paint from the sun table.

table tennis table

5. Storage of the table

A folded table can pose a hazard if it is not stored in an appropriate place. Try to keep your table sheltered from the wind because it might not be able to withstand the wind and thus fall to undergo heavy damage. A garage or a wall seems to be ideal for storing your table.

table tennis table

6. Repair a ping-pong ball

It’s a normal occurrence to accidentally step on a ping pong ball. But how do you fix something that isn’t exactly broken but also not in perfect shape?

Here is a simple trick to restore your roundness to your ball:
Dip your damaged ball with a spoon into a container filled with boiling water. Hold it for thirty seconds to a minute in the water. There you go! Your ball is like new again!

* If your ball does not regain its shape, which can happen, then a change of ball is necessary.

You now know the key methods of how to maintain your table and can enjoy it for as long as possible! Do not forget, in case of problems on the table, the after-sales service is available at any Decathlon Store.

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