We have reached the Business end of the World Cup and it has been an exciting journey till now. With one semi-final and the finals to be played, we present to you the 5 staggering facts about Cricket World Cup 2015

1) The stumps and bails costs USD 40,000 (INR 25 lakh)

  • When the bails are off the stumps, the LEDs glow. It has taken almost 3 years of research to build them.

  • Players are no longer allowed to take the stumps as souvenirs with them after winning.

staggering facts about Cricket world cup 2015

2) Pool A final points tally is quite amazing for the following reasons.

If you go from the top to bottom, you will find:
No team has defeated any team that has finished above them. For example, Australia has not defeated New Zealand, Sri Lanka has not defeated Australia or New Zealand, Bangladesh has not defeated Sri Lanka, Australia or New Zealand and so on!

staggering facts about Cricket world cup 2015

3) New Zealand will be playing their First ever World Cup final after beating South Africa in a nail biter semi-final clash.

Last time this happened was in the 1996 World Cup when Sri Lanka had reached the final for the first time.
And guess what? They won it against Australia!

staggering facts about Cricket world cup 2015

4) The India vs Pakistan match tickets got sold out in just 12 minutes after they were out for sale.

The match on 15th Feb 2015, was the most watched Cricket match ever!

staggering facts about Cricket world cup 2015

5) The World Cup themed Mauka Mauka’ ads have gone viral and garnered incredible attention from fans worldwide with millions of views and tons of tweets within few days of the launch of the ads. The creative minds behind this concept are from Bubblewrap films. Interestingly, the creative team has also prepared the plot if India ends up on the losing side because there was an ‘Aane Do’ campaign during the 2012 Asia Cup where India had lost the series (hopefully history won’t repeat again). The director of Bubblewrap films, Mr. Suresh Trivedi is all geared up to deliver another set of masterpiece ads for the upcoming India’s matches, but in the meanwhile, we can only sit back and keep guessing how the next Mauka Mauka ad would look like!

5 staggering facts about cricket world cup 2015


Have you come across any other interesting facts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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