The Physical Benefits

Archery is that one sport which involves every part of your body.

Your upper body to hold the bow in position and pull the string and your lower body for stability and stance. Your stance brings into action the muscles in your back, your shoulders, your waist and arms. But that’s not all. The tendons in your fingers, shoulders and arms are also involved in enhancing the coordination of your movements and balance. And what about your head? Imagine the concentration required not to tremble before the arrow flies.

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Unfailing Concentration

Archery has the ability to enhance the sense of feeling good in your body and mind.To hit the bull’s-eye each time, concentration is of the utmost importance, requiring rigour and precision time and time again.

All your senses are finely tuned. Archery represents a total experience with your inner self. Coordinating your mind with your body, being systematic in your movements, the archer must respect each of these stages, one after the other until he gets the right feeling and releases the arrow. The real difficulty is to be able to reproduce the same ritual for each arrow.

If you are naturally stressed then archery is the ideal anti-stress solution. Calm will be your constant companion if you hope to attain your target.

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 A Fun activity for Friends and Family

Finding it hard to find an activity that pleases everyone?

If you have children, archery is the ideal sport to get your kids away from in front of the television this summer. Your budding Robin Hood will soon be mesmerised by the emulation of the sport and a healthy competition will develop among members of the family. A fun time for all.

The whole family will be quickly attracted to the sport and you will be surprised by their level of concentration. Archery also helps promote contact and dialogue between generations.

If you are looking for a fun activity for you and your friends then archery is the perfect sport. You can organise games and competitions to test your skill together. But don’t bet things you might regret, you never know who is going to win…;-)

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Sport for all Ages and all Levels

Looking for a sporting activity to do this summer with both kids and adults?

Look no further, archery is suitable for children from 8/10 years and up and all adults, no matter how old they are. The most important thing is to choose a bow that is adapted to the shape of your body and your physical capacity. The pleasures of the game are instantly obvious and a healthy form of competition will quickly develop between members of the group or family.

Archery in a group is the ideal solution for a fun sporting activity, you simply have to choose the right distance for the target so that everyone is able to hit it (between 6 and 10 metres for beginners).

Archery is accessible to everyone, from those looking to discover a new sport, as a recreational activity or as a real sporting discipline.…

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Quick Progress

Is performance important for you?

Try your hand at the precision game. It is relatively quick and easy to progress at archery if you are both motivated and attentive. The quality of your equipment is also important to be on target each time, for example having the right arrows for the right bow.

You will progress quickly if you respect each step and adopt the right gestures. The key to your success and performance is finding the right balance between self-control and coordinating your movements.

After only a few sessions your friends and family are sure to be impressed by your accuracy!

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