Eagerly waiting for the Marathon with a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety? That’s probably a normal feeling to have before every big event. We’ve created this list to make the process slightly easier for you. Here are the 10 things you absolutely cannot miss before your run. Tick them off to begin your preparations for the big day!

1. Shoes

A good pair of Running Shoe is of primary importance to a runner to keep your feet safe. Selecting the right shoe with required cushioning and support is very important for a 10K run.

10k Marathon


2. Apparel

Selecting the right running apparel is very important. Make sure that your running apparels are quick dry so that you don’t fall sick and the t-shirt prevents chaffing.

10k Marathon


3. Hydration Belt

Proper hydration is necessary to keep you going and prevent dehydration. A hydration belt can make the carrying convenient.

10k Marathon

4. Socks

Always make sure the socks that you use for long distance is not 100% cotton as cotton holds sweat and doesn’t dry up quickly. Use socks made of Polyamide.

10k Marathon

5. Cap

If you are running outdoors, don’t forget to carry a cap to protect your head from direct sunlight.

10k Marathon

6. Sunglass

If you are not comfortable with sunlight, carry a running sunglass and make sure it fits well so that it won’t come off after every mile.

10K Marathon

7. Sweat Band

Carry your sweatband so that the continuous rolling down of sweat on your face won’t irritate you.

10K Marathon

8. First aid

Injured during a well-organised event is rare but it is always recommended to carry your own first aid Kit to be on the safer side.

9. Phone

Carry your phone along incase you need to make emergency calls.

10. Energy bars

Carry energy bars or gels to re-energise yourself incase the run gets tiresome.

10k Marathon

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