The best part about cycling is that its limitations are very few whether it’s in regard to age or location. It is becoming increasing popular in the urban space while it was always popular in the rural, mainly as a mode of transportation.

Notice the good health and fresh air in the outskirts of your city? Cycling doesn’t just give you a fitter body, a clearer mind but also fresh air to breathe. We’ve pretty much established that cycling is nothing but beneficial. Now commuting by cycle is a really cool art that you can pick up as your little contribution to the environment while in return it contributes to your health.

Let’s look at some of the points that talks about the benefits of cycling.

1. Get Fitter, Happier

Are you prepared to glow from the exercise you put in everyday while commuting? Get fitter and automatically happier with all the endorphins that you release in the process.

Also, get your metabolism rolling.

commuting by cycle

2. Get Faster

If you live in a metro you’ll know what we mean even if it sounds counterintuitive right now. It doesn’t matter how many fast cars you ride if you have to spend most of your life being stuck in traffic.

commuting by cycle

3. Get Greener

The idea is to burn fat, not fuel. Reduce your carbon footprint, emit no pollution, do your bit for the environment and in return get rewarded with fresh air.

commuting by cycle

4. Get super- easy parking

Finding a parking spot for cars these days is becoming increasingly difficult in contrary to which you can park a dozen bicycles in one car spot.

commuting by cycle

5. Get Richer

To start with, the first thing is that it’s easy to finance a new bicycle over a new car and after that comes maintenance and fuel costs which are almost non-existent when it comes to a bicycle. The amount you can save on cabs and other forms of transportation if you have a bike in hand is immense.

commuting by cycle

6. Get to explore more

Ride through sun, wind, rain, cold and darkness to experience absolute proximity with nature and your surroundings, the changing seasons and weather patterns. When you ride your bike you’re more susceptible to exploring new places and noticing new things.

commuting by cycle

7. Get Sexier

Let’s just admit it, it’s really cool to go around town painting it red on a bicycle. One definitely stands out when on a bike!

commuting by cycle

8. Get to clear your head

A way to deal with one of those bad days, irritations and anxieties is to get on your bike and ride all your troubles away! It really helps to ride your bike to work, school or college early in the morning to clear your mind before arriving.

Commuting by cycle

9. Get your cardio done

You don’t really need to take out time for the gym if you’re commuting on your bicycle every day. It’s equivalent to a cardio session.

commuting by cycle

10. Get rid of dependency

When you have a bike, you automatically become self-sufficient with DIY maintenance, fixing punctures etc. It’s a different type of independence and high, something similar to a “runner’s high!”

commuting by cycle

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